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How To Be Your Own "Big Break"

Today I want to dive into a topic that I was thinking about while out on a walk through the forest. 


This week I’m in midwestern Canada staying with my family on vacation away from the city. This place has been a staple location in my life since I was born, and I feel like every time I come back it allows me to reflect on the time that has passed since the last time I was here.

In this case, it’s been 2 years since I was last here, and it’s been a very pivotal 2 years.

2 years ago I had just graduated from college, I had just begun a relationship, and when it came to the future -all possibilities were open.

Would I get a new apartment? Would I move back to LA? Would I get a 9-5 job or would I continue to do freelance social media? Would my following explode and would I be inundated with work opportunities? Would I make things happen for myself? 

Well here we are 2 years later and I have a few answers. 

I didn’t get an apartment for 2 years. I did continue the freelance influencer work. My following did not grow exponentially. I was not inundated with work opportunities, but I still had many incredible opportunities that sent me all over the world for work projects, press trips, and personal travel. My relationship is much stronger than it was 2 years ago, and the amount of things we have experienced together in those 2 years is phenomenal. 

That being said, this 2 year reflection comes at a pivotal time as I am moving into my own apartment next week after not having a home for 2 years. I have comitted to moving to Toronto and growing my life there for the next few years, and have never been more fired up about my own business, starting my media company, and traveling the world as I am right now. 

So here’s where we are with today’s article:

While reflecting on my walk this morning I started thinking about the things that have held me back over the past two years. I’m was on a roll of asking myself ‘hard questions’ after learning about how important that is, so I asked myself the question, “what has really held you back and limited your success over the past 2 years,” and the answer was so obviously myself. 

Me, myself, and I, the perpetrators of my own sabotage. Now it hasn’t been huge sabotage, I have still had success and happiness, but throughout this entire period of time I found myself placing blame on situations, people, and the universe in general rather than refocusing my thoughts and creating even more opportunities for myself. I allowed myself to sit back and not fully prosper while ‘waiting for opportunities’ rather than going out and creating them myself. I spent a lot of time thinking that people didn’t want to hear what I had to say, or didn’t want to see my face on the video screen, or didn’t want to see my photos on their phones. All this nonsense, which was completely self-sabotage, held me back. Through these beliefs and opinions I held in my mind I stopped myself from going after larger jobs, from connecting with my audience, from branching out and promoting my content, and it was all because of a bad mindset. 

On the contrary, I starting thinking about the next 2 years from now and moving forward with my life at this pivotal time. What is going to be my ‘big break’ that will take me to the next level in my business, finances, and life in general? Well for the first time ever I can clearly see that the big break is my own beliefs and mindset and how I show up in my business every single day. Apart from business, how I show up in life every single day. The biggest factor that is going to be responsible for my next 2 years being the biggest period of growth and success in my life so far is me, my mindset, and my vision. 

That is powerful stuff. Having the moment when you realize that you have so much control over the level of success you achieve and the satisfaction and fulfillment you feel on a day to day basis is groundbreaking. I lived my life for so long in a place of thinking, “once I hit x number of subscribers or book x brand deal or sell x products then I will fell so fulfilled and confident and successful,” which is ludicrous. It’s great to have goals, but if my thoughts, feelings, and emotions aren’t aligned with that level today how do I ever expect to achieve that success? 

Moving forward on this July 1st, 2019, I am feeling confident knowing that I have the power to be my own ‘big break’ and that no one else is in charge of when I am ‘successful.’