Cameron Phillips
Social Media Expert, Branded Content, Travel Media, Entrepanuer


creating the future of travel and lifestyle media.


Travel media creator, podcast host, mindset Coach, & social media expert

I believe in the power of the phenomenal - stories, visuals, brands, and individuals who are extraordinary and remarkable in what they accomplish. From telling the story of a travel destination, to changing the mindset of a business owner, to developing social media strategies that take a brand to the next level, I am passionate about creating a world with more phenomenal in it.

Through my media company Phenomenal Media Network I work with global brands to transform their business through strategy, production, and execution of all things media. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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Social media

Cameron has worked with global PR companies, brands, and has developed his own approach to the world of social. Forget follower numbers, forget what everyone else is doing, its 2019 and the ways of the past are no longer working. Take your influence to the next level with Cameron’s knowledge. Read about social media.


In December 2018 Cameron launched his podcast Was It Phenomenal? to rave reviews. The show is designed to help you live your most phenomenal life by hearing from industry experts in the world of travel, wellness, business, and influence, and hearing their stories of impactful experiences in their business and personal life. If you’re ready to be entertained and inspired at the same time, this show is for you! Listen to the latest episode.

Travel media content

Cameron has worked with destination marketing organizations and brands all over the world to produce media campaigns telling the stories of phenomenal destinations. Through his travel show on YouTube, adventure travel photography on Instagram, and experience-centric travel blog Phenomenal Traveler, Cameron has the tools and talent to inspire the world through travel.

Media Company

After learning about the world of content production, branded content, and media management, Cameron decided that there was a better way for brands to share their message and produce content that worked for them. In 2018 he founded Phenomenal Media Network, and works with brands to help them develop and execute their ideal media campaigns, manages and develops media for clients, and produces engaging, story driven video.


There is no denying the incredible power of mindset in the worlds of business, education, influence, and wellness. Mindset is the differentiating factor that takes people to the top of their field, leading to unimaginable success. Cameron is passionate about transforming peoples lives through mindset coaching. His simple and practical course is proven effective. Explore mindset resources, and start your journey today.