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10: How To Make Good Content As An Instagram Influencer

Content is king.

This week on Phenomenal Impact we are discussing the power of good content and how it leads to influence, brand collaborations, and success in the content creation industry.

This week you’ll learn:

  • what brands are looking for when hiring a content creator

  • the shift that changed content from over-produced to ultra-realism

  • how composition matters in telling the story

  • the 2 principles of good photo content

When we talk about creating branded content for a lifestyle product, hotel group, or a travel destination, the people these brands and organization are hiring are people who create images that tell a story.

How to create good content as an instagram influencer.

Influencer content spans a wide variety of categories.  One of the trends we have seen in 2019 is a shift to a “careless” style - where there has been an extreme shift to ultra-“authenticity” - the no filter look, the more casual and less editorial.

Now this is a really interesting time in the world of digital content because on one hand authenticity has never been more important, but on the other hand quality of content is still very important for anyone who is actually trying to work with those global brands, get paid, and get featured on brand pages. 

Striking a balance

Don’t be distracted by ultra-large creators who have seemed to go “careless” with their image quality- what you need to realize is that this is also a trend, and in the end of the day for those of us looking to grow, looking to get brands attention, looking to do sponsorships, collaboration, and attend events, your quality does, and will always, matter.


That being said - what makes a quality image? We’re going to focus on images, branded images, and Instagram in general here today.

A quality image can be broken down into two fundamental categories: the physical image, and the message behind it. 

When I say the physical image, I really mean the technicalities of the image. That means simple things like the composition, the focus, the editing, and diving into the editing the exposure, the contrast, the style, the color tones, and any embellishments like a lens flare, added grain, or other artistic additions to stylize the image. 

 The message behind the image dives more into the heart of the matter: what is the image depicting? What story are you telling? How do people feel when they look at the image. Does it evoke a sense of calm, peace, tranquility, or is it action, adrenaline, motion, transition. Is the image happy or sad? Could someone tell you what was happening in the image without a caption? Could someone understand the emotion of that  moment through the image?

When we talk about creating branded content for a lifestyle product, hotel group, or a travel destination, the people these brands and organization are hiring are people who create images that tell a story. Going back to the newer trend of “not trying” or “careless’ content - that might work for some brands, but if you’re truly trying to make a phenomenal impact and work with phenomenal global brands who are flying creators around the world, who are organizing world class events, and writing world class checks, then you need to pay attention to your content and elevate it to a level that warrants the big checks, and the free flights and hotels. 

On today’s episode, I go through a mock-brand situation and discuss what a hotel group should look for when hiring a content creator to produce social ads.

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