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Are you interested in the world of media? Influencers? or Ready to launch that blog, youtube channel, or podcast you’ve always wanted to?

The Phenomenal Impact podcast is designed to help you grow influence and impact online with your host - me! I’m Cameron Phillips and for the past 4 years I have grown a brand that has allowed me to get paid to travel the world, create media that I love, and share the stories of people and experiences around the world. Sit back and be inspired as we hear from industry experts, influencers, and people who have made a phenomenal impact on their industry. You’ll learn the tools, tips, strategies to create your own business out of what you love, and accomplish your wildest dreams. Make sure to leave a review on iTunes and subscribe for new episodes weekly. 

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02: How Becoming A Travel Influencer Changed My Life

This week on the Phenomenal Impact Podcast I discuss about how becoming a travel influencer has changed my life. Being an influencer has its ups and downs like any industry or job, and I think it is important to point out both sides. My life as an influencer has allowed me to have phenomenal experiences all around the world and I break it all down in today’s episode.

So much of what I dicusssed today, and the tips I gave on how to become a successful social media creator all boil down to a few key items.

Items like making a plan, following through, and setting attainable goals that hold you accountable are all some of the key things that set the best influencers apart from the crowd.

Make sure you grab your free copy of my brand development worksheet that I created to help you define your brand and answer the important questions that will set you up for success in the future.


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