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Are you interested in the world of media? Influencers? or Ready to launch that blog, youtube channel, or podcast you’ve always wanted to?

The Phenomenal Impact podcast is designed to help you grow influence and impact online with your host - me! I’m Cameron Phillips and for the past 4 years I have grown a brand that has allowed me to get paid to travel the world, create media that I love, and share the stories of people and experiences around the world. Sit back and be inspired as we hear from industry experts, influencers, and people who have made a phenomenal impact on their industry. You’ll learn the tools, tips, strategies to create your own business out of what you love, and accomplish your wildest dreams. Make sure to leave a review on iTunes and subscribe for new episodes weekly. 

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05: How Losing 200,000 Followers Led to Growth and Impact (w/ Kent Heckel)

I’m so excited to share with you all another episode of Phenomenal Impact.

This week is big, because we have our first guest! I’m so excited that I have an amazing group of guests lined up to share their stories, because that is why I made this podcast. Listening to me talk is fine and all, but this podcast is really about hearing the ideas and stories of others, breaking down their impact and turning it into actionable tips to help you grow your own impact online!

Kent Heckel is a young entrepreneur who has successfully created several online business that, not only have provided him a phenomenal impact online, but have given him experience in several different sides of the digital marketing space.

If you’ve ever wondered how someone can go from just being a vlogger to a business owner taking full advantage of the social space, you don’t want to miss this episode!

What will you learn in this episode?

  • How to move forward after taking a blow to your business that might seem insurmountable

  • Why being multi-passionate can lead to exciting opportunities

  • The importance of pivoting when you’re presented with a situation

  • How you can go from being an influencer to being involved in the other side of the industry from the experience you’ve gained.

How can I help you from here?

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