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my approach to tarot is different.

For starters, I don’t believe that it’s predicting the future or really magical at all.

I think it’s practical, and can be used as a tool to help change your perspective, uplevel your mindset, and help you navigate through life.

So you are probably wondering then, why do I read tarot cards?

I first started reading cards during a very confusing period in my life. I was having a difficult time being self-employed, stuck in the rut of waiting for the next “gig” to come into my life, always chasing the next paycheck, and I was exhausted. I had been so torn in my head over decisions I had to make and what I should change in my life moving forward.

One day I had this feeling that I wanted to get a deck of tarot cards and read them to find insight into how I should navigate a situation going forward. It wasn’t until I was having a psychic reading a few weeks later that I was told that the tarot cards are a tool I should explore. After having already been thinking about tarot, it was an easy decision to make for me, and a few days later I had my first deck.

As I started reading myself, my friends, and my family, I started to see the connections that I would make through the cards, and the impact I would have on people that I read. I started doing live shows online where I would give people simple readings, and from that point on it was immediately clear that I had an intuitive gift.

I tell all my clients this:

If the tarot cards and the reading can shift your perspective on a topic or problem in your life, then the reading is a success.

Sometimes in life all you need is a second opinion, or a fresh perspective, and that is exactly what I provide through my intuitive readings. I have helped people all over the world revitalize their mindset, shift their energy, and thrive going forward.

I receive so much joy from working with clients and helping people connect to their higher self and their inner intuition; I’m so excited to work together soon!

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